FS Price drop deal today only. Sage Spey 7/8/9 Reel

Brook hunter

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Brand new Sage Spey 7/8/9 fly reel. Bronze color. Loaded with backing and Airflo 570 Skagit Comp 2.0. This reel has never been fished and there are no dings, nicks, scuffs etc. The only slight imperfection is a few light scratches on the drag knob. I have tried to show this in a photo.

This reel, line, and backing cost over $600 after taxes. This is a killer reel for salmon and steelhead. I thought I’d try my hand at Spey fishing and sadly between a Masters degree and working, I just don’t have the time. My loss is your gain. Asking $500.


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Brook hunter

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Price drop deal today only. $375 local pickup. $385 (PayPal as friends or +3% fees) with shipping included in continental USA.

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