Puyallup sportmans show


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no Rickerts this year and I agree with Salmo and Scottcat - I'll save my money.
the whole list of seminars and vendors can be found on the internet.
I typed in Puyallup Sportsman show and found everything.

maybe next year.


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There were a handful of flyrods in the Lamiglass rod display, a couple heavy weight fly outfights at the Baja fishing booth, uhm, can't think of what else. No fly shops that I saw. Like I said, the presentations in the fly fishing and fly tying theaters were good, but there will be a lot of that at the Lynwood show. And you're welcome; I'm looking forward to the Lynwood show too; haven't attended for 3 or 4 years now.


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Reds flyshop was present in the upstair of the pavilion building, by the trophy deer head display.

Maxxon is a company who makes fly fishing reels and inflatable boats and such. The guy there today had me on the edge of buying a very awesome inflatable boat. I've been wanting to pull the trigger but I just dont think I'll use it enough to justify the cost. I spend almost all my time in streams.

There was a theater area where there were some discussions on fly fishing topics, such as dry fly use and streamer fishing. I didnt make my friends suffer through that though.

All and all there was way to many people, not enough firearms to look at and expensive food lol!

I'd rather have spent the day fishing. Was mostly fun to just hang with some good friends


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Last day of the show, and the trout in the kids pond were a little worked over. My son and I stood in line for 15 minutes and saw 2 fish landed with about 40 or so lines in the water. They ran 10ish minute sessions and in our session 2 fish were landed with the same number of kids fishing. My son kept throwing in different baits they had laying around and then watching the results. He found some pink goo stuff that one fish actually ate so we put that on. He is a natural. C2B04701-55BD-4F90-A184-216A1EEB71DE.jpeg 54755DE3-AD73-4F4D-A463-23D78EC16EBA.jpeg

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