Fly Fishing Film Tour 2020

Hey folks!
The 14th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is hitting the road and headed to your backyard with a fresh catch of new films. Featuring exclusive shorts from our friends coast to coast, and beyond, we'll tell the stories of everything from fishing guide fairy tales, to serial steelhead semantics, canyon conservation in Colorado, mountain biking for marlin, jumping jaguars and jungle fish in whitewater rapids and the audacious Aussies who explore the largest coastline in the world. From saltwater to fresh, this year’s film is geared to get you stoked for another incredible season on the water.

The upcoming Washington dates are:
Spokane Wa, Bing Crosby Theater- Jan 28
Seattle Wa, SIFF Cinema Uptown - Jan 29
West Seattle Wa, Admiral Theater - Jan 30
Mt. Vernon Wa, Lincoln Theatre - Feb 6
North Bend Wa, North Bend Theatre - Feb 19
Leavenworth Wa, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts - Feb 22
Tacoma Wa, Blue Mouse Theatre - Mar 6


Click here for trailers and tickets!

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