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my system. throw bike in truck, drive to take out. park truck. ride bike home. Drive car with boat to put in, float, load boat into truck. Drive home, hop on bike, ride to put in and retrieve car. This works best if you live halfway between the put in and take out.
If you're talking our local river which homeless camp do you hang your hat in? ;) :D


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I used to float various sections of the Skagit, Sauk and Stilli with a 11 foot raft solo a lot, Always used a bike as a turn around vehicle. The drill was to ready the raft at the upper access and pull it off to the side not to block others. I would then drive down to the take out. Would simplify my gear (lunch, fishing gear, etc.) down to what I could carry in a small back pack and a single rod which I would take with me on the bike. Found downing the turn round in the morning avoid some of the traffic issues, avoid a ride back after a longish day on the water, and often had other river users in the area in the AM.

Never had a problem but have to be fair have done a solo turn around in 15 years or so. I suspect today I may not b so lucky in avoiding problems. Today I my solo trips are confined to walk in on streams or if I using a floating device I limit my fishing to Ray's circling rivers though in my area we refer to those waters as lakes!



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I have an ebike (Kona Remote) that works pretty well. I set up my raft/gear at the put in, go park my rig at the take out, ride back to the put in and stash my bike. It would be ideal to know someone with a home near by where you could put the bike in their garage/yard etc (this works on the Sauk for instance)...but usually the bike is chained to tree and hidden.

I once had a couple walk off with my ebike while I was mushrooming, they thought it was abandoned. The lady who took it didn't realize it was an ebike, when she pedaled for the first time "turbo" mode really woke her up. I got lucky and popped out of the woods right when they were heading by. They were legitimately not intentionally stealing my bike, and apologized for the misunderstanding.

I like to run the shuttle first thing because I think earlier in the day there is less risk leaving my boat unattended. I also have learned it is important to carry a small repair kit for my bike (like I would normally do mtn biking), an 8 mile shuttle with a flat bike tire or broken chain really effects the day. Like other have said, leaving rigged rods unattended is a bad idea. The ebike is nice and quiet around camp and can be used behind logging gates without drawing too much attention, the range is also surprisingly good.


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How do y'all do it? I love the idea of floating some of the moving water around me (and have loved reading all of the threads regarding Catchercraft vs. Watermaster vs. Outcast), but I'm having a hard time with the mental gymnastics of operating a solo shuttle. I've read about locking up a cheap bicycle at the take out, but I'm not crazy about the idea of locking up a $1000+ raft while pedaling back up to the car. Additionally, I can't rely on hitchhiking back up to the car with the rivers I have in mind. Anyone have a solution they are confident in? Or are most of you just floating with a buddy and using 2 vehicles?
Here’s my method. I have never had an issue.

I take a bike - I drop it off at the takeout and bushwhack it off the trail a bit. 10-15’. I lock it to a tree. I know, I knowsome super evil meth geysing reprobate could eat through the tree. Oh well. I’m just going for eliminating 90% of the mouth breathers that will just stare at the tree for 10m and then give up.

I float down, catch probably the biggest fish I’ve ever seen, lose it... and catch dinks the rest of the day.

I take out just AFTER the normal takeout. I yank the water master onto the grass. Then, I will disguise it with vegetation, or even bring a creeper camo blind fabric ($9 @ wal-mart) I also leave a stuffed animal hanging in a tree from a rope that I dunk in chunky salsa.

never had any isssues man.

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I use to use a gas powered go-ped (foot) scooter, it does about 20mph. I would drop the pontoon at the put-in first thing in the morning. My thought is thats the safest time to leave it un-attended becuase all the methheads are still sleeping.

Then drive down to the take out and leave my rig.

Then Ride the go-ped 10 miles back to the put-in and throw it on the back of the pontoon because it only weighs 15 lbs. The ride back was always pretty dicey..... what with the scooters slick and hard 4" wheels and icey roads, but I always made it in one piece.

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I just throw the hog in the bow. I’ll run shuttle mid float if possible. I’ll stash my rods in the trees when I do it.
Ever try and find a rod in a random grove of trees?


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Anybody use a OneWheel for a shuttle? Small and weighs 30 lbs.... I'm tempted. I currently use a restored Honda Trail 90 that I leave locked to a tree, and my paranoia-level is high.

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Have often thought of placing a trail cam at my takeout while gone. Would not stop a theft, but at least I'd have a face to look for.

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