FS G loomis NRX/Scott Radian


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G Loomis NRX 10/4- lightly fished, like new- retails for for $795... I’m asking $415 which includes shipping

Scott radian 10/4-never been fished (lawn casted), original plastic still on cork. I’m asking $515

Also have a brand new still in box Galvan t4, that would go great with either rod. Retails $365. I’m asking $300



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There should be a model number on the rod. If it's a 9 foot 4 weight, 4 piece it should read as 904/4.
Where are yo uh located?


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Ok. I thought that. But a 10 foot 4 weight is an odd rod for sure. So as long as were guessing how about a 10 foot whatever weight 4 piece
After some time flyfishing , you will get an understanding of the #'s. The reel that matches the rods in the post goes with 4 wt rods
The rod is a 10ft 4wt 4 pce rod .
You can look it up on gloomis site.

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