FS SOLD Ross Reels Big Game 4 (limited edition color)


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For sale, one lightly used, Ross Reels "Canyon Big Game 4 reel".
This is a limited edition blue camo color scheme (see pics)
I believe only 200 of these were made and this is #51 of the series.
This size is basically a 7/8 single hand reel or a 5/6/7 switch.

$250* plus shipping (see below)

-Please contact us via PM on this site, to purchase. You can call us as well, with any questions, but the first one to PM with "Canyon Big Game 4 reel" in the subject line, will have the first shot at this reel. rossbg42.JPG Rossbg4.JPG

*Add $15 shipping, UPS ground CONUS only. Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

Puget Sound Fly Co is a 'brick and mortar' fly shop located in Tacoma Washington.
We have been in business since 2003.
6001 Tacoma Mall Blvd.
Tacoma, Wa 98409

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