WDFW approves Cooke’s Steelhead Permit


Indi "Ira" Jones
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sorry to hear you are so unidimensional. i weld, build furniture, visit the library, attend a couple of fishing club gathering a month and on and on. fishing is a worthy activity, but it does not define my existence. i fish when i want, where i want and how i want, easy and efficient and a great deal of fun. no WA fishing license for me even though i qualify for a senior license. way to much to see and do in our world as opposed to supporting a worthless agency filled with people who don't know up from down.

Get off my law!
gt: I post on Washington Fly Fishing, but I won’t fish in the state.
Everyone Else: Get off my lawn old man.

Boys, boys, boys, you keep missing the point. You have to buy your license so you can catch those “steelhead” that will escape the net pens. Duh!

Phil Fravel

WDFW phone #360 902-2700

Here is the number if you would like to call and voice your concers about vanishing fishing opportunities . Along with concers about how we feel the WFDW is representing the Sportsman

Phil Fravel

I'm not sure that WDFW has the option of denying the request. It's possible that they are limited to imposing reasonable terms and conditions to avoid or reduce adverse impacts to fish and wildlife.
That was basically what they said when I called. Their involvment is for disease and parasite monitoring. I sugesting the WDFW could save precious dollars if the pens were not in and they did not have to monitor.


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Maybe the protest is don’t buy a license and still fish. Risk the $1,000 fine and 90 days in the clink.

Like many commenters here, I cannot....not buy a license. It will effect my mental health in a negative way if I cannot fish regularly. I have other hobbies. Photography is one (more my wife’s but I enjoy it as well), I tie flies, I run, I shoot hoops in the driveway, I’ll go golfing or even bowling if you ask. I get antsy sitting around so need a lot of things to keep me busy. However, no hobby comes even close to the joy I get from fishing. I can’t get enough. It never gets old and I cannot stop thinking about it. I don’t know why. I’ve been that way since I can remember. Also, like others have mentioned, if my fishery of choice is closed down, I’ll fish for whatever I can. Even if I can’t do it with a fly rod. I just love fishing.

The department made a shit decision here no doubt. IMO there are better ways to boycott this then recreational anglers stopping fishing. Partly, that is me being selfish but I am also being realistic. You will not get enough people to do it to be impactful.

How about we put pressure on the people selling and buying this garbage. Why are people still buying farmed f$cking steelhead for dinner? I could be wrong but I think people still buy and eat steelhead because it is a novelty fish on the menu, not because they love it so.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
There is a magical place called... Alaska??
There sure is. I went there last year.
Does it offer saltwater fly fishing 365 days per year?
If it does, it might be a option in the future but not now due to a family situation.

Matt B

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I'm not sure that WDFW has the option of denying the request. It's possible that they are limited to imposing reasonable terms and conditions to avoid or reduce adverse impacts to fish and wildlife.
I believe they at least had the option of determining that the proposal could potentially pose a significant impact, and asking for more information (and process) via an Environmental Impact Statement.


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For those of you who have fishing "issues".. Have you ever considered rethinking your location? There are amazing opportunities in any direction from WA, but west.
From what I know of @Nick Clayton , all of his biggest new opportunities are happening west of WA. Still on my bucket list to catch a tuner on the fly, maybe this summer it will fall into place

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