Hyde Contender drift boat. Rebuilding chines.

Greg Smith

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I own a Hyde Contender drift boat that has been abused by myself and my friends poor rowing skills for about 6 years. I want to get the bottom and chines rebuilt, and maybe some remodel of the front seating position
. Hyde makes a great boat, but I find their customer service lacking. I'm in Ellensburg so I know I'll traveling to get the job done. I'm looking for suggestions for a repair shop.



Attach some photos of the damage. I don't and wouldn't work on boats for a living. I do my own repairs and have built a few boats, fiberglass and wood over the years. Working in fiberglass isn't hard but it is stinky, sticky and can be real itchy to work with. Making the repairs look good can be a problem. To many people just slap on some fiberglass cloth and resin and call it good. I hate when I see that. Hyde has a repair shop? They are not wanting to do the job?


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You can also call RO in Bozeman. They do repairs.

Or better yet, trade it in for a Clack.

Greg Price

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I love the beautiful fiberglass boats. My family used to row a shiney newer clackacraft.

But my 1972 dented and scratched aluminum Wooldridge only requires repeated application of glovet on the bottom.

Way less hassle.

And it sounds cool scaring all the fish as i bang it against rocks in low flow of fall on the yak.

Jerry Metcalf

I bought a used Clack from the Portland location. It had been a guide boat and they did a great refurbish on the bottom.


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I took my 2003 boat into Clack this winter. Probably way more expensive than doing it myself, but they are refurbishing the bottom, the chines, and a few other things I don't have the time to do (too much time taken up on this forum :). Anyhow, if you have the space, time, and know how to do it yourself, great. It not, I'd see what the pros can offer out and for how much.

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