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I bought this blank for my dad because he wanted a really light 6 weight so it would be easy on his shoulder. It's a 9 foot 2 piece MHX from Mudhole. He wanted all black wraps with black recoil guides. "No gingerbread" is what he said. He got a handle kit from Mudhole but the grip was ugly and the rings on the reel seat wouldn't turn. I turned a handle and fighting butt for it and used a Lamiglas seat I already had. He passed away last year before I finished it. I finished wrapping the guides a few days after he died but didn't put the finish on until yesterday. It might not be much to look at but it's light. I weighed it unscientifically, leaning it on the wall with my reloading scale. It came out at 108.4 grams. I only have two other 9 foot 6 weights to compare it against, Loomis CC GLX at 134.5g and St. Croix Legend Elite SW at 122.8g. It's much lighter but the other two are saltwater specific. I think I might take it out tomorrow with his reel on it.

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