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I’ve had a few questions regarding some clouser treatments I’ve posted so I thought I’d do a quick step by step.
I’ve had a lot of luck on clousers tied this way for coho and searun cutthroat.
I know clousers are supposed to be spares, but I like to tie them fuller then most folks. The polar reflector flash belly adds some nice movement and a larger profile as all baitfish aren't necessarily thin.
My main goal when I tie beach flies is durability.

I tie them in a number of colors. The color combinations you can tie are endless.
I just happened to have yellow, white and ginger on my bench when I tied this one.
Please excuse the less then stellar cell phone pictures.

First, add your your dumbbell eyes. Add super glue to secure them. I always tie a piece of flat diamond braid over the eyes which gives them another level of being secure on the hook. Everyone hates when eyes come loose on their flies. I think the diamond braid looks better then just thread wraps between the eyes.
I like 5/32 Real Eyes Plus as I've found lead eyes tend to break, resulting in a one or no eyed clouser.


Next, tie in your belly bucktail. Years ago forum member @obiwankanobi gave me a tip about tying the belly in behind the eyes rather then over the eyes.
This eliminates the possibility of the bucktail splitting, which happens quite often when it is tied over the eyes.


Next, tie in silver polar reflector flash and palmer it up to behind the eyes.


Tie the reflector flash off and add red or hot orange thread gills behind the eyes.


Next, add your under wing flash. I like to use a combination of krystal flash, flashabou and krinkle mirror flash.


Next, I like to add a small clump of ice dub shimmer fringe as a under wing.


Next I add some yellow bucktail.


On top of the yellow, I add some ginger bucktail.


Next, I add krystal flash over the wing which is a tip I picked up from forum member @Nick Clayton.


Wipe finish and coat the thread, the area between the eyes and the thread gills with uv cure or SHHAN.
This will add durability if you end up dinging the beach on your backcast, which will inevitably happen if you fish the beaches enough.

Trim the flash material to the length you want. On some flies I like to leave the flashabou a bit longer to add a flashtail effect.

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