FS SAGE Four-Weight Combo to Move... With Bonuses!


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Gotta sell so I can buy...
Making available probably my sweetest casting setup in my limited arsenal. Rod is a Sage 9-foot RPL-B graphite III (B must be for "blank"). I had this rod built in Oregon many, many years ago and it's served me well. The reel seat shows some "distinguished age" but all guides and thread wraps appear immaculate. The reel is a Lamson Guru 1.5. The small red "G" symbol on the spool's center face shows wear but that's it. NO NICKS OR SCRATCHES! The line is of unknown make, a WF4/F and is fairly new. Now the bonuses:
- a spare matching Sage rod tip. Please don't ask how I came into possession of it (I struggle to even remember my way home at times...)
- a second, little used WF4/F line (optic yellow, may be Rio?)
- "Mt. Traders" brand rod/reel combo case

Anyways, the whole kit-n-kaboodle for $295. Thanks for looking!


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B does indicate blank, or more specifically that this is a custom build.
The quality looks good in the small sections shown in the pictures.

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