FS SOLD Redington Chromer Switch+ OPST Commando line system.


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I just dont get out to go steelheading very much and am selling my setup. This rod has been used all of one time. The line system has seen a few more times, but very very little use. Im talking all of 1-2x per year over the last two years.
The rod is a Redington Chromer Switch 11'6" 7wt
Line system OPST Commando head 375gr,12ft Commando tips 132gr(riffle,run,bucket, and floating), and 50lb Lazar Line
Retail is $580 and Im asking $250obo


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(All) fishing equipment, are just like "new cars" when you try to sell them. It takes a long time, and you never ever get what it's worth...

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WOW, 250 for that rod and all those lines is a STEAL!

I really liked the Chromer series, great action, looks cool and excellent in the winter cold.

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