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Is anyone in the Tacoma area using water stones for their kitchen knives? I want to learn this skill and have not had a lot of luck trying to learn from videos.
Maybe you've seen these vids but if not, the sharpie trick is a good one.

A few years ago I took a class at a local knife shop and they had us mark the blade with a sharpie (I still do it). You might give that a shot. It provides visual feedback as to where you're removing metal and aids in keeping the angle consistent.

1. Sharpen one side until you raise a burr
2. Flip it over and repeat
3. Switch to 'stropping method' to remove the burr
4. repeat steps 2,3 if you're moving to finer grit stones.

This is a quick video that shows the technique I learned and use.

Here's a more thorough (still short) video about using sharpie to see what's going on.


What is your opinion of the knife sharpeners out there? What’s your experience and cost of sharpener used. For example, the Work Shop gets great reviews but is it worth $70+? Is there something in your opinion to sharpen knifes better with ease?
The Lansky an Gatco sharpening systems are pretty good. I used to sell them. They come with multiple stones. It is easy to sharpen at the correct angle because it has a guide.


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If you want repeatable results in sharpening invest in a Wicked Edge system. It will take care of all your knives with outstanding results. Or go cheap and unreliable...JMHO

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IF the time comes when my Essential Tremor renders me unable to sharpen by hand, THEN I will opt for a Wicked Edge. Dull knives don't even make good scrapers . . .

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