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A big thanks to @Randall Clark for making the trip up to the Ft. Lewis Program and instructing us on flies, gear, techniques/tactics for Tiger Muskie. These fish are hard enough to catch, but add in the clear water of WA State lakes and fly design becomes really important. There's a lot of info out there on Muskie flies, but it usually involves a body of water with a current to help animate the fly. As our Tigers are in stillwater, the animation of the fly is from the person behind the rod. His flies are built for our lakes, they swim on the strip and turn on the pause, all of which triggers a kill instead of a long follow. Plus, he's a really good person and and damn good instructor! On behalf of all the participants & volunteers in the program, thanks for your time, support, and healing those who serve!
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Thanks Steve! That was a blast! Hopefully some folks walked away learning something some good tiers there. What a great group of guys!

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