Thoughts on value priced but still very good quality fly reels?


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Thanks for the input.

I have to say, Wow, as someone who has the Ross Gunnisons (mostly originals) #1-#5, I am really surprised how much love there is for those reels! I had no idea. I'd have thought the Gunnisons were passe' when compared to the ultra light weight design of most current reels.

Joe H

Lots of really nice reels in the classifieds lately.
Even though I pretty well trained myself to stop buying reels a few years back, if the title reads Ross or Hardy I'm always going to look. (And possibly relapse and end up buying!)


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Old Bauers ie LM's , MXP's are tough to beat or for less $$ but still with a cork drag Elkhorn T2's which I use on my boat rods for the Bow ...... plenty of stopping power for those Bows and Browns.... and I do not worry when guys drop or bang them around as they are pretty much bombproof.....


David Willey
I have a few okuma integrity reels with extra spools. I have three different spools of 6wt.Nothing expensive but works great.I also have a pflueger click drag on the bottom of my tackle box for a back up if I really get in trouble and sometimes I just like to use it.


,lamson bearings don’t last
I think that's an outdated issue. Lamson had some issues on some sealed bearings, about 5 or 10 years ago. Then they upgraded their bearings. They also sent new bearings to owners, on request. They also replaced bearings on reels that were sent in for servicing for that, or for other issues. All at no charge; at true unlimited warranty. By the way, the new bearings can be identified by their red colour. The older ones were silver coloured. I am totally happy with the several Lamsons that I've had for years.


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Ross Cimarron is IMHO a very good reel for both trout and smaller SW species...I’m talking about the older models that can be found for $80-120 most of the time.


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Thank you all for the input. Since I already had a series of Ross Gunnions, I decided to add two more G2's. On this next adventure, all four rods will have the bomb proof G2's. So everything is redundant and interchangeable.

Randall Clark

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Where can I find that reel direct from China?
eBay. You won't get the fancy colors or the stream cred cause of the name on it though. That said, they're not the best reels in the world (Cheeky in general), there are many reels (already listed here) that are far more durable and far less sexy looking.
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