FS NEW Patagonia Quandary Pants 36w


Formerly aplTyler
Selling a pair of new with tags Patagonia Quandary pants, size 36 waist 32 inseam in forge gray. This is the regular fit version and they’re selling new from Patagonia right now for $79.99. UPF 50 and quick dry. Unfortunately they don’t fit me!

DB60C772-1B4A-4276-8C1A-FB9233AFBF13.jpeg 9668F15B-C854-41FD-9CB9-92720444764C.jpeg 8B11F383-8989-45DD-ADC9-56E5E93536C3.jpeg 6215B796-002A-4CEC-9E01-08EDE155226C.jpeg
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