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I haven't tied a fly in well over a year and it's been about 4 years since I tied with any regularity. I'd rather have some more storage space than materials sitting in drawers, so it's time to get the fly tying collection out of my house!

This is an entire set that I really don't want to separate out. I prefer a local pick-up sale, but will consider offers to ship if you pay the stamps.

After inventorying it all, it's well over $1800 in new retail prices, with much of it or new barely used.

Included are:
- Regal Medalion Vise with Bronze pocket base plus travel clamp in excellent shape ($275 new)
- Thread Rotating Storage Case
- Fly Drying Rack
- Tools include: 6 bobbins including 1 RiteBobbin, 3 scissors, 2 whip finishers including a magnum sized one, dubbing twister, dubbing brush, 4 hackle pliers, hair stacker, and more.
-Massive Dubbing collection including 6 dispensers of dubbing (2 are my own mixes, 1 STS, hares mask, Sanyo Laser, ICE, and Solar Synthetic which is the best steelhead dubbing IMO) and 66 packs of dubbing (Ice Dub, STS, angora, quick descent, dry, laser, etc)
- 60+ spools of thread, uni-floss, tinsel, ultra wire, and lead wire. 3/0-8/0 and everything in between.
- Hooks for days! 100's of hooks from Daichi, Tiemco, Gamakatsu, Mustad, and Allen. Mostly nymph and steelhead hooks with lots of caddis pupa/scud hooks in the mix. Some salmon/steelhead traditional hooks along with hopper, streamer, jigged nymph, and some dry fly and saltwater hooks too. Includes 3 hook containers with hook type labeled.
- Decent amount of beads, with mainly larger/tungsten beads, cones, dumbbell eyes, bead chains, and some slotted and glass beads as well.
- Loon finishes, Loon UV lamp that works, dubbing wax, Clear Cure Goo, etc.
- Pro Tube system needle, plus 3 packs of micro tubes plus hook guides, 4 packs flexitubes, and 3.5 packs of cones, plus weights.
- HMH Tube system with needle, 3.5 packs of tubes and 3.5 plus packs of cone heads
- Shanks galore! OPST shanks, some Waddington shanks, a bunch of spinner shanks, 2 packs Senyo Intruder wire, fake Jungle Cock, and a brand new pack of Jerry French's Ultra Rigs.
- Rabbit Strips (20+ packs in barred, two tone, micro, standard, all great steelhead colors!
- Steelhead Chenile (Polar Veil, Senyo by Hareline, and more)
- Schlappen (10+ packs in steelhead centric colors)
- Saddle (7-9 packs in steelhead centric colors)
- Marabou (25+ packs of mostly blood quill/select steelhead colors... the good stuff!)
- Anadromous Brushes (12+, mostly EP brand)
- Craft Fur, Buck Tail, and some Temple Dog
- Flashabou (15 + packs in different sizes, colors, and finishes)
- Krystal Flash (8 different colors/packs)
- Ostrich (12+ feathers in steelhead colors)
- Lady Amherst Full Tail (Olive and black) and Center Tail sections in white
- Loads of Guinea feathers
- Ice Wing (4 packs... great for sea-run flies)
- Chenille - Trout and Steelhead plus mohair for leaches... 30+ packs. Most lightly or unused
- Atomic Glow
- Thin Skin (4 packs) and Scud Back
- Darlon (2)
- EP Fibers (1)
- 3x Thin Foam plus 1x Thick Wing
- Rubber Legs varieties include silli legs, flexi floss (13 total packs)
- V-rib (2), Worm materials (1), and trout brushes (2 packs)
- CDC 6+, mallard flank (2), and teal feathers (1)
- Partridge feathers, and pheasant feathers (3+)
- Pheasant tails (2+) and turkey feathers (2)
- Pheasant Rumps (2+) and Pheasant Rump feather packs (2)
- Some dear, elk, squirrel tail, hares mask, and some trout zonker strips (3)
- 1 large Grizzly Saddle
- 4 trout saddle packs
- 3 packs peacock herls in different colors
- 4+ India Hen Capes
- Tons of goose and turkey biots
- Starling skin
- 3+ packs of dry fly tailings
- Assorted trout marabou packs

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