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Hello fellow WFF members I am a Seattle Police Officer and have been asked to help find raffle prizes for the upcoming “Talent Show” held March 20th 2020. Hosted by the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team. The prizes in the past have included, spa vouchers, TV’s, guns, restaurant gift cards, etc. But NO fishing related prizes. I thought I would reach out specifically to those of you who run a guide service or fly shop or any independent person who makes flies or fly box’s or fly wallet’s, nets, wading staff’s or anything related to fishing. I know we have a lot of people who attend who either fish or hunt and thought a good variety is needed. If you are interested in donating a guided fishing trip half day or full day, I suspect that would be the Grand prize. Please PM me if you wish to donate.

The following is an excerpt from a general letter the Seattle Police Drill Team sends to businesses asking for support and gives more details.

This letter is to ask for your support through a contribution of an item or service from
your company. This gift will be used to enhance our annual "Talent Show” Fundraising
event and raffle, which will be held on March 20,2020. This event attracts over 600
people. All who attend are treated to dinner, dancing, talent acts and a raffle featuring the
items and services donated by our supporters. In return for your generous donation, you
and your company will receive recognition in our raffle flyer, prize display and again on
stage the night of our show.

The Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team was established in 1949. We are a team of
dedicated professionals and support staff with an unwavering commitment to excellence.
We proudly represent the City of Seattle and its citizens by performing our precision
maneuvers in parades and shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Our
show season begins in May and runs through the end of September. The team makes 20
to 25 appearances during this time including schools and Seafair events.

We receive no financial support from the City of Seattle, and our members use their own
time to practice. Because we are a non-profit organization, all funds raised are returned
to the community through our performances. The support from our citizens and
businesses, like yours, allows the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team to continue to
entertain children, adults and hope to inspire the young men and women of our
Again, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. We hope to see you at one of our
many appearances this season - an appearance you will help make possible.

Thanks so much for your time,

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