FS Loomis NRX 8/9 Wt. 13’ 4 Pc. Spey Rod SOLD

John Ritchey

New Member
FS: G Loomis 1568d/9-4 NRX (B handle) 13’ 8/9 wt. 4-pc Spey Rod with Evergreen/Blk wraps. (500 – 500 gr line window) This Spey rod is used, but otherwise in excellent condition. The factory rod tube shows very light scuffing, with no nicks or deep scratches. The factory sock has no issues. The Cork handle shows very minor darkening from use, but otherwise in very good condition. The rod blank has one VERY minor scuff near the butt section but is otherwise in excellent condition. This rod is a fine choice for medium to large rivers. It is capable of casting big, weighted flies if necessary, to get down in those deep pockets where large anadromous fish rest on their migratory journey. This rod is appropriate for AK kings, Atlantic Salmon and BC rivers with larger steelhead. While I did not try it, I see no reason why it would not be a good choice for surf casting from the beach for inshore saltwater fish such as Baja rooster fish. I’d rate this rod at least 9.0+ on a 1.0-10.0 scale. Addtional photos available. This NRX 8/9 Spey rod originally retailed at $1120. Asking $430 inc. shipping in conus. Any extra shipping or duties/ fees for shipping to Canada will be buyers responsibility. Thanks, JMR DSCN0970.jpg DSCN0970.jpg

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