Ever Wear Waders and Wading Boots when Driving?

Randall Clark

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Randall, you have a Prius ? I thought I might be the only one that drives one, we're on our second one and never give gas prices a second thought on my way fishing. Awesome ! They could use a little more ground clearance :mad:
Hell yeah man, locked and loaded!

Honestly, the clearance is the only thing I really miss about my Jeep. I have to be far more careful when navigating stuff that I used to just blow through and there are a handful of areas I just don't go anymore unless I'm with someone else. I don't miss that thing nearly as much as I thought I would.

Cheek Meat

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After my buddy snuck up on me in his Prius a couple times I decided I want one for a hunting rig. By the time my rig roars and creeks up the switchbacks in the morning the whole hill is on alert. Considering the places I've gotten my girl's Accord back from (I take it fishing and hunting when I can)I think I could manage well enough with the clearance. Especially with some knobbies. And Triscuits rule.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working
Keep your pants on.....doesn't matter what you do with the waders.

I was hunting out in the basin one November, when the quickest way back to the truck was to take in water in my waders and wade across wet to the truck.

When I got to the truck I took off my waders and thought about taking it ALL OFF and driving back home with the heater on high.

I kept the pants on.....and it was a good thing.

Yep, got pulled over by a female cop. She wanted to know why I was ALL WET. Hey, what does that information have to do with a traffic stop???

Nah, didn't tell her that. BUT I thought your damn lucky I didn't follow my first impulse and drive home buck naked.

She must have been a butt....the city fired her about three months later.


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If you guys really need stealth do some research on the new Hyundai Kona AWD EV. More ground clearance and more utility than a Prius and you don't have to be Man Bun-Soy Boys to drive one. :D
Jeez Ive...that thing is ugly enough to be a Toyota! :)


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Getting wet waders into wet wading boots, very easily done. Slip a bread sack over your wet,wader clad foot, greased lightening into your boot. I've done this many times with damp hip boots or waders when fishing or hunting a number of days in a row without a boot dryer. I learned this trick from an old timer, now as a old timer myself I'm passing it on. Also will keep your foot dry and warm if you have a small leak.


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Another trick, for boot foot waders or boots is a piece of newspaper loosely placed in the boots over night will absorb some moisture. Hot rocks another dryer. I've never used the 'new materials' I always wore heavy wool socks.

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