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Nick Clayton

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Clearing up space at the house. Probably more to come

Regal Revolution pedestal vise with big game head. Pretty much brand new.


Ross Momentum 6 Reel

Well used but mechanically perfect. Champagne color. Solid big fish reel without breaking the bank

$155 shipped

20200218_044733.jpg 20200218_044750.jpg 20200218_044841.jpg

Costa Fantail glasses with 580g copper lenses. I am a huge fan of the Fantails and the 580g lenses. However I have 3 other pairs and have not worn these since I bought them off the forum a couple years ago. No scratches that I can see. Comes with Costa hard case.

$105 shipped

Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless noise cancelling headphones I bought these brand new and they ade superb wireless headphones with many stellar reviews. They are in great shape and work flawlessly. Only selling as I received a pair of the newest Bose as a gift. I like the sound of the Sonys better but the Bose fit my fat head better so they get the nod.

Comes with original box, paperwork, cables, and carrying case. Perfect for zoning out at the tying desk and ignoring the chaos of the household. :)


Sony a6300 camera and Sony 55-210mm lense.

I bought the camera body brand new with no lense about maybe a year ago. I used it a fair amount for maybe 5 months or so then upgraded and this has sat unused since. Wonderful camera, but I bought two other Sony mirrorless cameras which have left this one sitting unused.

I bought the lense used in new condition. When I bought the lense it did not come with a lense cap so that's the one thing I dont have. I own a bunch of Sony e mount lenses and this one just doesn't get used much so figured I'd include it.

Lightweight, small footprint, interchangeable lenses....really great cameras. I also own the a6400, a6500, and my son has the a5100. These are all very well reviewed cameras.


PayPal preferred

PM me
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