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I have a 17' Montauk with the bow mount gps trolling motor and its a fishing machine in the sound. Use it hard all day and the battery still has half a charge at the end. It makes boat handling a non-issue and its super quiet. At this point I don't think I could fish without it! Snaped a couple photos of the setup, essentially just a quick release mounting block on the bow, the battery fits nicely in the bow anchor box.
How much battery capacity do you have? And is it wired into the main motor for charging?


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Curious if anyone has suggestions for what style of anchor would be best suited for cruising the shoreline fishing for src and rezzies? Also, what is a good length of rope to have on board? This would be for a 13 ft Boston Whaler Sport I recently bought. One consideration is minimal storage.
-I have the same boat, and I use a collapsible box/slide anchor. Vid below. The size I bought (baby) can fit in the small stow compartment on the front deck when it is collapsed. I like it because I've basically just been able to chuck it over the front without worrying about how much line I'll need, whether or not it will hold in a tide change (it just flips over and resets if the direction of pull changes). I've never had it pull on me - but of course I've never tried to torture test it either.

- I bought a "superstick" collapsible push pole and the main thing that I've used it for is landing/launching in water that's so shallow I'd be worried about running my prop aground. In theory I could use it to stealthily move around in shallow water to avoid spooking fish, but I have yet to run into a situation that calls for that kind of finesse.

-Depending on what you intend to use your boat for, you might also be interested in rigging up a "stand-off" anchor system. I usually use this when I want to land on a beach and hang out with the kids for a while, without having to worry about the fiberglass hull grinding on rocks or getting stranded by the tides.

I can explain this in more detail if you're interested, but it's basically a system where you attach your anchor to a "pulley" made of PVC tubing attached to floats, then run floating poly line through the pulley and attach it to your boat. Move your boat to shore, then pull the line through the pulley to move your boat back out to your anchor. I carry 300' of 1/4 poly line in a 5 gallon bucket for the pulley system, and another ~100 feet or so in a bag to tie the pulley line to something above the high tide line.

Or - better yet - here's the original post and diagrams that I used to make my system:


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