FS FS: Pre 1998 Ross Gunnison G-4 reel SOLD


Pre 1998 The Gunnsion by Ross Reels, G-4, with backing. I only used this reel 4 or 5 times on Pyramid Lake. No where else, no salt water. It has a small scratch on the back of the frame.
$150 shipped CONUS
Would make a great trout spey reel ross reel 1.jpg

Thanks for looking

Fom Bill Kiene's web site:
The mighty Ross Gunnison was/is a great fly reel series.
It made Ross famous. It came is 5 sizes.
There were about a half dozen generations/modifications of that reel.
For a long time it was the most highly recommended fly reel because it was light and did not fail.
Sadly it was discontinued but you can get parts and service and spools for it still today.
Ross has a lifetime warranty on the reels they make in the USA.
There are just small differences in the spools from generation to generation.
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Have 2 of them. Use one for bonefish and the other for Alaska salmon. Great reels. It is a good price.

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