Esox Lucious....aka Pike


Another Flyfisherman
Talk about one COOL fish! Wondering if there are any Pike Fanatics on the board? I know there arent many, if any, Pike in WA. Up here in AK this pike fishing thing is probably some of the coolest fishing I have done. It'll never replace steelhead, but sight fishing for VERY Big fish with shockingly violent takes is visual crack. I had a group out to the pike slough up here throwing these 6 inch long top water plugs that rattle. You're fishing in knee deep water and all the sudden the entire slough errupts. These plugs are disappearing into a nasty toothy mouth completely sideways! Its awesome. They are mean little bastards though as they calculate about when the guides hand will be near the fishes mouth and they launch more attacks. Their eyes track your hand movement when you're reaching down to release the hook and then the fish.

I havent had a chance yet to fish it myself, but there are numerous pike over 40 inches......there are a few REALLY big pike too. Can anyone say 7wt and a pink pollywog? I'll post some pics once I get some more. Tight Lines Jay

Scott Behn

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Well being born and raised, till 8 yrs. old, in Grand Forks, ND all we would talk about was pike fishing. Love it especially in the spring time, in the shallows...