Have you ever caught the same fish multiple times?

Steve Saville

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Truth be told the guys at the Coastal Cutthroat Authority who have been studying the habitat and life cycle have caught and tagged the same fish numerous times. I doubt they have given them pet names but if you fish the same area you are bound to catch the same fish once in a while. :)

Cheek Meat

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I was fishing a small local pond when the bass were on their beds. No boats are allowed but the pond gets enough pressure that the bass are pretty shy. People were scattered around the pond each focused on a different bass on a bed within 20ft of the shore. This almost bothers me but most there would have been on the river harassing native fish so whatever. No one could get a bite but no one would give up. Sight casting after all. I was headed back to my truck peering into castable spots and saw a bass. The other bass would spook and circle back or ignore you. This bass was staring me in the freaking eyes. Next to the parking lot. And he wasn't breaking eye contact. Seemed ridiculous but I unhooked my fly and made the tiny cast through the trees knowing full well he'd spook. He smashed the fly with what appeared to be righteous indignation, turned 180 and charged away. I ripped the fly out of his mouth and snagged it in a branch over my head before breaking it off. I ran to my truck a few feet away to retrieve a fly from my visor, tied it on, and there he was still staring me in the eyes daring me. Hit the next fly with maybe more rage. I think he was trying to pull me in being fed up with my kind. After a good little fight I brought him in and went bragging. A little while later my buddy comes over with the fly I lost on his leader. He found it under the tree and caught what had to be that same ridiculous fish again right there. It was his bed. Only fish caught on the pond that day as far as we could tell. We were the only fly guys


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Last summer I caught the same smally, three times in a row in the span of ten minutes. My daughter said, "Would you just give it up already!" I thought she was talking to me, but no, her words were directed at the fish. A few summers back, same river, I made an impressive cast (by my worthless standards) under an overhanging branch and a smally hit it hard. We fought for three seconds before he came out of the water and chucked my fly. I immediately cast back to the same spot (very impressive for me) and the same damn fish took it again. This time I brought him in.

Travis Bille

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I caught a wild hen steelhead on the Mad River a couple years ago. Beautiful, dime bright, but with a very distinctive diagonal scar across the head. I let her go and kept fish.... line when tight and I thought I was snagged up until my line started moving slowly upstream. I eventually got the fish in after essentially no fight, and sure enough, the exact same steelhead.

I spent about half an hour trying to make sure she was in good enough shape to release, and she swam away pretty strong, so I'm hopeful she survived. I definitely moved on after that.

Jim Ficklin

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I'm sure that I probably have, but here's a different twist: Dad & I were fishing the edge of a shallow water weed bed during a prolific Damsel hatch. Back in those days, our home lake held dandy Cutthroat & those were cruising a circuit around weed beds savagely picking-off nymphs. Dad & I both cast toward a large fish that had just swirled; our flies were probably <10" apart. There was another swirl & we were BOTH hooked-up to the same fish. I gave line & Dad eventually netted the big 'Cuttie.


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Yes. I have caught the same cutthroat multiple times over the course of my life. Interestingly enough never on the same pattern and almost always a few days apart. But i think the north sound window is short as they move through.

heres a pic of one of the hybrids i caught a couple of times 10401084_524769470696_7481_n.jpg

Bob Triggs

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This is a spin-off thread from my Yak treat post, in which I posted about catching the same big cuttie on the Yak, a month apart. Curious if other folks have caught the same fish more than once. How long had it been between catches? Did you give the fish a name?
This ought to be posted in the Steelhead Forum.

Dave Boyle

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Couple of yrs back was on a BC lake, my buddy was cursing the loss of a 'really big fish' that took off to the deeps and broke him off. 30 minutes later, I caught a nice fish ~23" with a second red bead head chiro lodged in the scissors...Yup, his fly and some post dinner teasing over the REALLY BIG fish :)


Rock Creek Fan

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When I was growing up there were too many fish to catch to even think about or be able to catch the same one. Nowadays we hope we catch the same one twice so that at least we can say we caught a couple that day...


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There's a 26" brown in West Virginia I've caught 7 times.
I certainly haven't been as successful as Claire in multiple catches of big browns. A few years ago, though, I hooked the same 21" brown in Martha Lake on three successive Saturdays (back in the working days) and landed it twice. All 3 times, I hooked it under that same bank side bush that sadly is no longer there.


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I used to spend a lot of time fishing Rocky Ford. One spring I was just upstream of the "fast water", hooked a fish that broke me off above my strike indicator. At the time I was using small corkies pegged with a toothpick. A few days later I was out fishing the creek and noticed something waking along. It was my indicator. I made a cast, hooked the leader below the indicator, landed the fish and removed my barbless hook from the otherwise unhooked fish. Probably doesn't count for this thread.

Old Man

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Was nymphing a few years ago on this small creek I fish. Two nymphs. Got a fish on both hooks they are a hoot to bring in as one fish wants to go one way and the other wants to go the other way. I always fish barbless, so in the process of landing them one got off. It was fun while it lasted.

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