Fly ownership questions (a long story)


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Here is an example.True story about plagiarism my cousin has been through,(one of many case),this time involving killer articulated Caddis he developed, about 15 years ago on the upper Columbia- he was approached by guide, he says “hey, you’re the guy that made this killer fly!.” Not knowing the dude, John introduces himself and asks where he got it. Guide responds “xyz fly shop. He says you can’t tie em as fast as he can sell em”. John- “that’s funny, I’ve never sold my flies commercially, and never will.” After seeing the incredibly piss poor copy, he gave the guy a couple real deals, and invited him to come over for a tutorial on tying the real deal, and told him next time he’s at “xyz” fly shop, kindly tell the dishonest owner to fuck himself. John then discovered the source of his piss poor copies at a show, kindly gave her a tutorial on how to do correctly, and gave her the same advice on xyz fly shop owner. Dishonesty caught up with him
Ooohhh. Ooohhh. I know this one.


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everyone here should tie a “graboid” and sell for a fund to pay for legal matters or infringements for Farmer dude calling out one of our own respected members here. He can’t sue everyone lol 01B025D9-E747-4E09-94A8-9EBFE0487F64.jpeg Here’s my contribution, but I gotta get $15 bucks so I’m making at least min. wage . When I get a pic of it in mouth on Sunday, the price go up$.


In an ironic twist of fate Graboid appears to be trademarked...and not by Universal @Freestone :D View attachment 227882
Send Mr. Farmer’s YouTube video to Kenco and the lawyer. The GRABOID will sink in infamy when they slap a lawsuit on him.
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The more I think about this, the more funny, and sad, it is. A self important jackass posts a YouTube video of how to tie one of his flies. Said jackass is offended when someone then ties something similar to his fly and posts a picture. Guessing if he wasn't such a jackass folks may be more tempted to say they got the idea from his fly, or something similar. Free advertising works both ways. Based on what I know about the fly fishing community as a whole, this guys legend probably won't be the kind he'd prefer.


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I've lost count of how many variations of a wooly bugger I've tied, and how many fish, and varieties of fish I've caught with them. If memory serves, the bugger is believed to have been invented by a fine chap named Russell Blessing. It was an obvious take off on the wooly worm, which was very similar to the Palmer Worm, which dates back to Walton and beyond. Years from now I seriously doubt anyone will be recalling the name of Jonathan Farmer with any fondness, let alone with any legendary status attached. The most battered and used flies in my boxes are all variations of classics. They resemble a wide variety of food sources. Though they may catch some fish (probably because they annoy the hell out of them), a lot of Farmers flies look more like something Boy George would wear in his ear than something a fish would willingly eat.

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