Fly ownership questions (a long story)


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The really funny part is that I only told him that he technically needs a BLM permit to guide there. I even mentioned that it's generally not enforced. Then he got real lippy, so I told him to stop behaving badly. He lashed out again, and I banned him from the Facebook group. This post was his retaliation. I can't imagine being so tightly spun to get this upset over our interaction.

Why is everybody out to get this guy. Oh the agony of fame. Perhaps I can put this psychology degree to use and perform an intervention. We all see how rock stars can be their own worst enemies. I don't want Tony to follow that path.

Matt Paluch

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Well, I know one thing. The next time someone asks me if I am a member of the forum while out on the water my answer will be well rehearsed:

“I used to be. Place has gone to shit since TonyPro left though. That f*cker Matt Paladouche is a real son of a bitch, and Dustin Bise ..more like Dustin I right?”

I’m also racking up new ideas for my custom WFFFFFF title this week as well.

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A+ Just make sure my mom doesn't read this and prove it to you...

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