Fly ownership questions (a long story)


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That Graboid dude ties a killer Klamath Intruder


Funny, I looked back at some old pics of mine from here..found a jig fly dating from October 2009. Consisted of rabbit, tail and head, some flash, rubber legs, weighted eyes and a jig hook. Sound familiar???? :) lol
Oh and I found a single stage intruder dated 2008 ... lmfao :) 96B6DEA7-5FDB-420F-B5A1-55252DDFE112.png E21FDD68-F4AC-4825-9E06-7A260B07611C.jpeg
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I love it when this thread pops up. Always a good read.

Lets face it though. Until aliens provide us with a plethora of new to us materials or Sasquatch hair makes it on the market, where all just tying variations of probably less than 100 base fly patterns.

I can say this as the only truly innovative fly tier on of WFF with my Mike Pence Fly Fly. I’m like the Elon Musk of fly tying over here.

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You’re a true pioneer.

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