FS Closet cleaning, Riverwatch, Hardy, CND blanks

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Need to off load some duplicates and no longer needed. No trades, some prices open to haggling.

Bob Clay Riverwatch bamboo.. 14' Speycaster 8/9 4peice 2 tips, agate guides. $1500 reduced price

4 1/4 Hardy 1912 reproduction perfect. $900

4" pre war Hardy perfect, line guide, long foot, tight no wobble, initials stamped on plate RHW $650 reduced price

3 3/4 Hardy perfect, long foot, tight no woble RHW. $500

Sage DS2 9' 10wt 2 price, hardly used. $100

Guideline LPXE 9' 6wt 4pc SOLD

TFO Finness 6' 2wt 2pc 100

CND blanks Solstice series, no tube or sock
13'4" 6/7/8 4pc $200
14'3" 7/8 4pc sold
15'2" 7/8/9 4pc $200- sold pending funds.
16'1" 8/9/10 4pc $225

CND Black Spey 15' 9/10/11 4pc $150

Pics available on request buyer pays shipping
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Brian, I'm interested in the 13'4" Solstice blank.. have to decide if I can swing it or you're willing to come down a little..


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Hey Brian,
I will take the 14’3 solstice and I need to stop by and cast the river watch I may get that if you have no takers.


Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!
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It's less than I paid for it Bill, it will consider if no further interest.
No worries.. I should probably pass now anyway, have to take care of a couple of other things first. Love my 14'3"!

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