Costa Rica?


The Whisky Guy
Making a 10-day trip to Costa Rica mid-April. Doing kind of the canned, all-inclusive guided tour thing. Not sure if we'll have time to wet a line, but I might bring a rod along, just in case. Anybody ever fished there?

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Yes, beach fishing on the west coast--south end not much beach access, north end plenty. Bring a 10wt and a intermediate and sardine patterns and crease flies, can find panges for full or half day inshore fishing for fairly cheap. Like above what area are you going to?


Active Member
Osa Pennisula, great counry, great people and much to see so even if you don't get to fish, you will enjoy yourself. 60% or so of the country is classified as a reserve so lots of critters to see and hear. have a great trip, my next one for sure.

The T.O. Show

Buenos Hatches Ese
We'll be in Tortuguero for a few days. Research suggests that there is blue ribbon tarpon fishing there. Might have to guide up and give it a whirl.
I was on the Pacific side so I can't help with that, but it sounds like you are on the right track. That area is well known for it's tarpon.

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