HELP - Lost Rods at Dry Falls

A good friend from Moses Lake left two fly rods at Dry Falls last Wed., July 6. Ray was coming in at the north launch channel and placed rods under the bush while he was getting out of his pontoon. Mainly just a few die hards have been fishing Dry Falls lately so I'm hopeful that some of the forum members will pass the word around to their buddies that may have been there last week. Rods were a Loomis GLX 3 wt. with STH reel and a Sage Discovery 4 wt. I know several Spokane area flyfishers have been thru and I assume some from the Wet Side, so would appreciate if you would pass the information around. Ray is one of the good guys from the Dry Side and this represents the bulk of his fishing arsenal and is sorely missed. We'll make sure he has a rod to use in their absence, but ask the members to spread the word and perhaps "Good Fortune will Prevail". He also lost the hard drive on his computer last week so can't monitor the forum, I keep in touch and see him regularly. Thanks in advance to all that pass this information on, we'll keep our fingers crossed.


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Man...this seems to be the summer season of lost (forgotten) rods ! This is like the fourth post in last three weeks.

Wish you well in recovery of your rods/reels


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I will pass the info on to the people I know as well, thats sucks !and hope a kind soul leads him bacl to his equipment.

Haven't lost any ( wood,wood, knock,knock) but sure have broken my share the past few months.

I believe some flyshops have lost&found message boards as well that you could try.

Scott Salzer

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Agree Porter...Sorry about your friend. A little late now, but the first thing I do is put the rods away. Two reasons, so I don't forget them and so I don't break them. I'd rather leave alomst any gear but the rods....

Good luck in getting them back!

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