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I only did it once. Going to the falls and fish downstream
Lots of intense and sometimes a little scary hiking and too bad for me, not much fishing
I remember getting in there...fighting through the brush and slapping my line on the water and spooking all of the fish out of the pool...start again!

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I only did it once. Going to the falls and fish downstream
Lots of intense and sometimes a little scary hiking and too bad for me, not much fishing

It was pretty timing dependent. If we got it right we had some epic days. 20+ hard earned hookups some days. Of course we landed maybe 20% of them. In that small water filled with boulders and snags, the fish had a ton of ways to break us off. I remember swimming for more than a few fish.

I remember one day my dad hooked about a 7 lb hen that jumped all over the damn place. At one point it came about 6' out of the water and landed directly on this large boulder sticking out of the water, it flopped back into the water, then charged the bank, went airborne again, and landed several feet up on the bank where I pounced on it.

Man I miss those days.

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How many times did you lift your rod to cast again and pull your fly away from a fish streaking out from behind a boulder?

My brother decided he was going to conquer the Lyre and after years of effort it was truly amazing how many fish he caught.

Haha Oh man, so many times! It was unbelievably frustrating but ooooohhh so fun. Often if we spooked the fish we could just sit on the bank for twenty minutes and try again and get em to play again

Definitely not an easy river, but the rewards were worth the effort. Growing up in Port Angeles I couldn't begin to count the days I spent on that river. As a teen I'd take the bus out there in the winter and fish all day, often working up from the 112 bridge. Many times as a parent stressing about my sons safety in some situation I've thought back to those days when I was 13 or 14, all by myself in some treacherous country, having the time of my life. Helps me relax sometimes lol

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Fished the lower river quite a bit for winter runs
Upriver a complete different game
Is the lower section still fished
Oh...... never mind

Ya same here. Used to go down to the campground at the mouth a lot on odd, or was it even, number days when the old man who owned it allowed the public in there. Used to be a great winter fishery. The chum fishing was great too...though back then I was always annoyed to hook a chum when steelhead fishing


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Used to spend a lot of time on a river east of the Lyre.
One memorable winter day yielded steelhead, coho, cutthroat, bull trout and rainbow.

Also remember PS at the peak of the winter blackmouth program. I took some time off in October and fished 10 straight days.
The limit then was three fish in combination.
Filled up a 30 fish card in those 10 days with blackmouth and nice coho.
My pops was loving it as he loved his smoked fish and had the little Chef in overdrive.
Nothing went to waste in our house when it came to fish....

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Not meant to be....no good memories?
Life back then was a lot different than today. And No I do not have any bad memories except for family/friends deaths.

Easy sex, cheap drugs and great rock 'n roll.
Middle class existed.
Cars were unique back then. One quick listen or quick look and I knew what it was. My first car was a 1965 Nova SS for $200. Then came a 1965 Malibu SS big block, 1965 Impala SS big block - each below $700.
Lots of places to hang out with friends including ball fields, numerous dance halls, local hamburger joints, and of course the Renton loop.
We played outside all the time and made up ways to kill time. Fishing and hunting was a big part of this. As OMJ says, go exploring and find those thin blue lines. AND we did...
Sports of all kinds were an everyday endeavor. Always a pickup game of ball depending on the season.
Decent jobs were easy to come by.
Commodities were way cheaper. Gas, food, jeans ($6), $25k bought a very nice home.
Fewer cares in the world. Safer to go out 'n about.
Families were much tighter and did more together. Families could live on one income too...

Depressing? No. Just something we can work toward because we know better...
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