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We would joke about throwing some bed springs in the river before the season started and retrieving it after it closed so we would have a next years supply of spoons, Okie drifters, etc.
I lost alot of dick nite spoons in the Snohomish 20+ years ago to an apparent sleeping bag tied up with rope and thrown into a spot a buddy and I frequented. It pissed me off at the time, although if it was something I thought of, I may have tried it myself being a teenager at the time. Maybe that's why I fish dries so much :D


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The trouble with a thread like this one is whenever someone says something. It rings a bell in my head, and up comes the memories. I must have about a million things in there.
I agree I'm try to hold back...do you notice how many of the comments do not involve actually catching fish!

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I agree I'm try to hold back...do you notice how many of the comments do not involve actually catching fish!
I agree, but to me just getting out is the drug. Everything else is just the cream at the top. When I do get out I'm usually by my lonesome. I do carry a camera but when I catch a fish. I'm to busy getting it back into the water to take a picture of it. I just usually take pictures of the rocks, trees, and the Stream I'm playing in.


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I agree I'm try to hold back...do you notice how many of the comments do not involve actually catching fish!
I think others, like myself, are trying to leave those out too. Otherwise it could be pages and pages of "and we caught sooo many fish..."


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I remember my first graphite rod.
Took a year off from college in 85/86. Hit the road and drove from New England to Alaska. Spent the summer gutting salmon, dropped down to Monrana for the Fall to fish and work. Drove back East for January then departed for the Keys from February to August. Hooked up with some folks that provided me construction work and housing. They also were rabid fly rodders with a boat. We fished constantly inshore,offshore, back country. It was there in Islamarada I bought my first graphite rod from Mike Hymens fly shop. Brief Utopia...caught bones, tarpon, redfish, shark, barracuda, dolphin, snapper, snook,and more. Never caught a permit or found a square grouper. :)
Back to Montana until present.
You young guys take advantage...before you know it you will be an old guy.

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My first 'fly' rod was a Wright McGill 7 1/2 foot Trailmaster. I fished with it for over 25 years. It went from Canada to Oregon on the Cascade Crest trail, all over the OP, and throughout the Cascades including the Enchancements and around Mount Rainier. It caught more fish than any rod I have owned since. Finally it gave up; fiberglass was cracking, handle falling apart and eyes falling off. Bought my first Loomis IM6 graphite rod and I still fish it every chance I get. Still miss my Trailmaster - it had so many 'firsts'; steelhead, SRC, brown, brook, rainbow, cutt, perch and bass, 20"er, to name a few...


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Renting the 16' wooden boats from Olsen's in Sekiu and trolling cut plug herring in the shipping lanes for coho with my family growing up. Sekiu will always have a special place in my heart.

Summer steelhead in the Lyre canyon. Rugged country, tiny little river that NOBODY fished at that time of year, and steelhead that would come out from behind boulders to destroy size 4 Mepps spinners and were damn near impossible to land.

Spring trout openers with my dad and brother on Lake Crocker. The crowds would head down the road to Leland while we would catch rainbows hand over fist in peace from our 12' Sears boat.

Summer steelhead in the Elwha canyon. Some of the hottest fish I've encountered in my life. I remember a 16 lb hen that smashed a Hammered Steelie spoon and proceeded to dance all over the river for what seemed like an eternity. I have caught bigger steelhead but that may be my most memorable.

Spending every dollar of my allowance on fishing gear at Swains
Get memories Nick. I used to go to Sekiu every summer. I'd rent one of Curley's red 16'
Glass boats and put my 20 and 6 hp Johnsons on them and mooch kings at dark 30 until 10 or 11 and then go out offshore for silvers. I'd use cut plug herring on my 9wt Fenwick and Hardy St John reel. The most fun saltwater fishing I've ever had.

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