FS Hardy Reels - Screwback CFO II, Flyweight SC, Ultralite Disc 2/3/4 & 6, Marquis 6, LRH Spools


Looking to move several NICE Hardy reels. Most of these reels are in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Pictures should help describe condition, I tried to photograph any issues the reels may have. Prices include shipping, please add 3% for PayPal fees. Feel free to shoot me an offer on package deals.

All high resolution photos can be seen at
Orvis CFO II - Spool latch cover could use a polishing, spots should come out with no issues. One of the nicer early CFO's that I've owned. Includes non-original pouch. $300.

Hardy Ultralite Disc #6 with extra spool - Has a couple of very faint pin size marks around rim, really need to be looking to find them. Includes original boxes, pouch, etc. Both spools include like new lines. Not sure what the lines are. $300.

Hardy Flyweight Silent Check Made for A&F - This is the nicest example of a Silent Check Flyweight that I've been able to find. I'd call it new, but I've fished it a time or two. Includes original pouch. $300. SOLD.

Hardy Ultralite Disc 2/3/4 - I'd also call this one like new, but I've fished it a few times as well. Includes original box, pouch, and like new line. Not sure what the line is, something in the 3wt range. $300.

Hardy Marquis 6 - Nice reel, but it does have some rim rash. Includes original pouch. $125. SOLD.

Hardy LRH Spools - All in good condition, but could use a good scrub. All include lines in OK condition, not sure what they are. Have nice Hardy cog caps. $40 each or take the lot for $100. SOLD.

All high resolution photos can be seen at
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