Sunday @Quincy


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Holy pants and shirts it was a busy one at Quincy Sunday. The kid and I got the boat out and fished from around 11-3. Caught plenty on olive and maroon balance leeches under bobbers, but the size was underwhelming compared to years passed. We will probably be staying away from the area after that shit show. The launch was so busy I pulled my boat through the weeds. What a zoo.

Anyhow, onward and upward! Next weekend we’ll hit something else. See yall out there 3EF08DD5-0954-464D-92B3-2C094A831CCB.jpeg


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Love the folks who hog the ramps getting stuff ready or better yet the people who insist on fishing off the ramps then feel put out when they have to move or reel up when you are attempting to launch or take out.

Yeah, isn't that great! I dread it every time. My girlfriends says just calm down on the drive there because I am always anticipating stupidity. The classic was when this guy had like 10 kayays blocking the ramp. When I nicely asked him to move a few he sounded surprised and then once we launched the boat he asked my girlfriend in the truck if they could load them in the back and get a ride up to the top of the launch! Here it is we are in hurry trying to get in a couple of hours before dark. So being the nice person that she is she agrees and then disappears for a bit. Turns out the top of the launch was really a couple of blocks away. Always an adventure.

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