FS Rods, reels and vise; Orvis, Winston, T&T, Tenkara, Nissin, J vise


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Thinning the herd. All prices include shipping in the CONUS. I will try to get photos up ASAP, for now please send a message and I will get pics to you as soon as I can. I work until 5pm EST so please excuse any slow replies. Paypal preferred.

Orvis Superfine Glass 8' 5wt 3 pc. Gorgeous rod, fished once, I need something smaller for the creeks I fish. SOLD

Orvis Superfine full flex 7' 4wt 4 pc. Superb condition. Torn about selling this one but I have a short glass rod that's covering this base. SOLD

Orvis Silver Label mid flex 7' 4wt 4 pc. Same story as superfine, got as a backup, don't need a backup. SOLD

Orvis Silver Label mid flex 8'6" 5wt 2 pc. Excellent shape, great all around trout rod, too long for the creeks I'm fishing. SOLD

Orvis Clearwater 7'9" 5wt. The Far & Fine blank. I have a few of these... too many I guess. Excellent condition SOLD

Winston BIIX 9' 5wt 4 pc. Immaculate. I don't fish it because I'm afraid I'll scratch it up and stuff. SOLD.

T&T LPS 9' 5wt 3 pc. Well-used with minor scratches, scuffs, etc. Performs flawlessly. SOLD

Tenkara Rod Co. Teton. Used but in good shape. Missing the end cap but replaced with a suitable replacement. Fun rod. SOLD

Nissin Zerosum 6:4 400. Awesome rod. A bit long for my local streams. In good shape overall, one small area where finish was scraped on one of the upper sections... does not affect performance. SOLD

Tenryu Tenkara Furaibo TF39 3.9m. Fished 4 or 5 times. Gorgeous rod. SOLD

Vintage, English made Orvis CFO II with extra spool. Great condition. SOLD

English made Orvis CFO III Disc with extra spool. Like new with boxes (I was told these were brand new when I bought them... it looks like they were lined and maybe mounted to a rod once). SOLD

Another English made CFO III Disc with extra spool. This one has been strung up and perhaps fished a couple of times but shows no signs of real use. Has original pouch and bags but no boxes. SOLD

Wasatch J Vise, bought here. Excellent shape, I had to see what it was all about and it's beautiful but I'm so used to the Regal style jaws that it's hard for me to adjust. Someone should be tying on this thing, it's a very nice piece. SOLD

Again, all prices include domestic shipping and I will cover paypal fees. My ebay name is Siskiyout if you'd like to check my feedback.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to respond quickly.

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Superfine glass 8' 5wt 3pc - like new, more pics on request...

IMG_20200322_162855.jpg IMG_20200322_162843.jpg
IMG_20200322_162837.jpg IMG_20200322_162804.jpg
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Clearwater Far & Fine 7'9" 5 wt 2pc - I have three of these for sale... they are all essentially the same, one has the words Far & Fine on the tube, one has the model as "795" the third appears identical but does not have a stock tube (although does have a sock and PVC tube). All are in great condition with little evidence of use.

I have an older rocky mountain version as well as an older Far & Fine that both stay in my truck and are my go-to 5wts. These are classic blanks.

IMG_20200322_170419.jpg IMG_20200322_170521.jpg IMG_20200322_170526.jpg IMG_20200322_170532.jpg IMG_20200322_170541.jpg IMG_20200322_170547.jpg IMG_20200322_170558.jpg IMG_20200322_170612.jpg

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