Coho on Classics

Greg Armstrong

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Decided to escape the virus threat for the day and hit a beach I hadn't been to in years. Long day, six hours of effort hiking and fishing and finally found a little pod of Coho.

Hooked and lost the first one on a Muddler. Had a couple visual follows after that with no takers, so switched to a Deceiver and got this one to the net. Lots of jumps, fun little fish.

I used a Scottish rod today. "Sea Trout", otherwise known as searun Browns have been a thing for centuries over there. J.S. Sharpes Farlows "Scottie" 6wt impregnated bamboo matched with a Pflueger Sal-Trout.


Dave Westburg

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Now to close the circle you need to catch a fish on a teal blue and silver wetfly or a haig-brown mysid wet fly. Haig Brown used an 8' bamboo rod when he fished the saltwater estuaries.

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
I have caught Cutthroat on the Silver Brown and Silver Lady, no Coho though.
Nice box of flies Dave!

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