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I fished a lake on Thursday that I haven't fished in a while due to poor reports over the past dozen years and other reasons, but decided I should give it a try to get some data to the fisheries biologists. I didn't expect to catch more than a few fish, if that, but thought I'd take one for the team. There was just me and one other guy fishing from shore, so not a good sign, but a good place to go to avoid the crowds. Look what I found:


The fish were surprisingly healthy and decent fighters (especially for Lahontans) and of good size (most were around 20 inches):

Fish Size Distribution Chart 2020-03-05.jpg

I'll happily take one for the team if fishing is like it was on this outing! :) Just goes to show that you never know what the fishing will be like unless you go out there and try it. Most of the time it admittedly won't be good, but once a while you hit it just right and it more than makes up for all the other outings which weren't as good.



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I had fished a lake a good 65 miles from where Rex was putting on a clinic. I had a poor day and bagged it early. Decided to see what was happening elsewhere. After a long drive, I watched Rex and Tim catch fish with Rex clearly doing very well. So this morning I wadered up, inflated my float tube and drove miles and miles to fish the same water. I didn't have the numbers Rex and Tim had but enough to make me smile! One fish would barely fit into the throat of my net, looked pretty nice once in the bag: P3060008.JPG
Thanks Rex for your encouragement to get out there and take one for the team.


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Wow... 14 fish at 20 inches! Great to see that west side lake coming back! (west side of somewhere)
Yeah, it was pretty amazing to find such nice-sized fish in such good quantity, especially since I was only expecting to catch a few fish, if that many. How many lakes are there where the 19 to 21 inchers out-number the 14 to 16 inchers? My measurements are done with a Measure Net to avoid exaggeration or estimates (not that any fishermen would exaggerate, right?), and I measure from the tip of the nose to the fork in the tail to be even more conservative (also that's the way the fisheries biologists measure the fish anyways). My trout Measure Net maxes out at 24 inches and I was thinking maybe I need a bigger net for that lake. Those 19 to 21 inchers were putting a pretty good bend in my 5 weight fly rod.

Steve Kokita

Great day Rex! How many lakes out there where bigger fish outnumber big fish?.....very few if any if we’re talking rainbows, not L-cutts. It might be crowded at that unnamed lake now...


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Thanks for taking one for the team Rex! I can remember when it was rare to catch one under 20 inches there. We checked it out Monday, but only saw one guy fishing, so passed. Where we did fish, we had the lake to ourselves... slow but did catch a few nice ones.


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