The future of steelheading

Greg Armstrong

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Hay, I think I’ve seen that dude...
Early ‘70’s. - plunking on the lower Green River ( or was it the Duwamish?)

Chromer J

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No thanks. Looks like an open-air wet market. Probably the next epicenter for a pandemic. That'll call for donning the new N-95 sun buff.
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At the local sportsman's show, they always had the "steelhead river" for their expert demos. I noticed this year they advertised a "walleye tank". I'm not sure I want to live on this planet anymore.

O' Clarkii Stomias

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I grew up sight fishing. You dead drift flies past a fish enough sooner or later you will foul hook them.. anything more than just a few presentations with a couple different patterns and your beginning to harass the fish like a certain northwest angler became famous for doing.
"I spot 'em, I got 'em!"

Rob Allen

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Just go 0 for 5 or 1 for 10 every trip. Make up fish to keep that ego fed. According to the people I meet on the river, I can infer that I am the worst steelhead fisherman ever.

Not catching fish reflects more on the condition of our fish stocks more than anyones skill or technique.

On our trips to the North Umpqua i averaged a fish a day just 10 years ago.

The last 3 years i have hooked 4 fish in 3 weeks worth of fishing. Year before last i completely blanked.

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