FS Spring Cleaning - three rods & a tube


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I have three rods for sale, please let me know if you have any questions or need photos. All are in excellent condition:

Sage 1096 GFL
9'6" 10 weight. 2piece. 4.5 oz. Fighting butt. Original sock. Non-original Sage aluminum tube. $75 + shipping.

Redington CT 8634
Classic Trout series 8'6" 4 pieces three weight. Essentially new condition. I've gone into bamboo rods and don't plan on using this rod. It's been lawn cast and is a great casting stick. $100 + shipping.

Redington Dually 6126
12'6" 6 weight, four piece rod. A switch or spey, not sure where the line is drawn. $175 + shipping.

Sage Ballistic Travel Tube
Black nylon outer with zippered end. I measure 35" long x 4" wide. Very good condition. $45 + shipping.

Prefer to sell in person and avoid shipping. Snohomish county / north King County.

Thanks for looking.
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