Integrated Trout Spey line recommendations


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Steve Godshall built me an integrated line for my rod last year and I love it. Worth giving him a call.
For swinging slow and deep, he built me an intermediate that is really sweet. It is paired with a Rio 10’ tip and fantastic for swinging SMB early spring.

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The new Rio trout Spey line is $$$. It’s like the skandi body but an integrated line. I have the 4 weight on my 4 weight trout Spey.


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The Commando Smooth, SA Spey Lite's, Rio's trout are really good and SA and Rio scandi's are great short scandi tapers for little spey/switch rods. I'm going to add the Wulff Ambush short. Have the 225 grain on a Meiser 10' 2 wt, Hydrogen 2 wt & an Echo SR 10' 6" 3 wt. and I love it. Check it out. Can't go wrong with any of these when the grains match your rod.

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SA Spey Lite Scandi, Snowbee Switch, and my favorite, AirFlo Spey/Switch are lines that I have tried in the 210 to 250 grain range with short, light weight polyleaders but no heavy sink tips.
The Rio Single hand spey is a nice line albeit just a bit clunky.
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Not your exact rod but on my Loomis IMX Pro Short Spey 5wt, I've tried the Spey Lite 360gr. integrated (OK) but I found a discounted 360 gr. Airflo Skagit Scout head that I really like. Not a fan of the OPST Commando head on this rod.

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