Found! Catch of the day at Lake Lenice

Thanks for getting back S.W.S., How about we keep in touch and we will come your way, depending on the weather, etc. Our plan is to be out wandering around, looking for fish that want to play for the next 2 weeks. We can arrange something that works. How about you keeping the Sage rod and Tibor reel (those were mine) . I really just want to get my wife's Winston back, she is my favorite fishing partner, I might gain some forgiveness there! You definitely have some good fish karma coming, and deserve a lot of credit for being a GREAT guy! I would love to hear how you do at Lenore. We just got back from Pyramid Lake, Nevada, and after being broken off several times, landed a nice 7-8 lb Lahawton. Mike
I have more rods and reels then I will ever need. At last count 12 complete setups. Tell your wife the Winston seems to have come through the ordeal better than the Sage. The Sage is more crusted over and the handle is more deteriorated. Both reels seem to be okay, need cleaning. They both still turn surprisingly smooth.
My trip to Lenore was a bust. Gale force winds! My buddy and I went Rocky Forde instead. I only landed 1 ten incher of 7 I hooked. My buddy did land an amazing Trout between 4 and 5 pounds.
I may be able to get out to Lenice tomorrow. It's my favorite lake. Look for the smallest vehicle in the lot. A white Honda Fit Hatchback. That's my day trip car. If I'm already out fishing leave a note on the windshield where I might be able to find you. This story needs to have it's happy ending.
Sounds good, probably be later in the day for us. I will look for your Honda. We will be in a GMC Sierra, pulling an ORV Creekside trailer. Hope to see you, and grateful for who you are!


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Drop those rods off at Bainbridge for a cleaning! Those guys are so awesome in person. Good story to go with them.

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Very cool! Lost my favorite rod out of a drift boat on the north fork of the Coeur d’Alene one year. I swam the stretch I thought it was in at least three times with a mask over the next week. Was incredibly disappointed and know what it would mean to get it back. I hope this works out for everybody!
Good on you @S.W.S (Stillwater Samurai) !
EPILOGUE: the story comes to an awesome conclusion

Recap: 2 years ago “fishworship” was fishing near the islands and accidentally dropped his wife’s fly rod, a 9 ft. Winston with a Galvan reel. While grabbing for his wife’s rod he accidentally knocked his own rod, a 9 ft, Sage with Tibor-Light reel. He watch both rods sink to the bottom of Lenice. There they lay for two years until March 5th 2020 when I, “Stillwater Samurai” was fishing leeches deep. I amazingly snagged both rods at the same time and retrieve them from the depths. Wanting to find the owners of these valuable rods I posted my catch on WFF forum on March 10th. On March 13 “fishworship” replied to the post and accurately describing the rods and reels. On March 19th we set up a meet at the “Scene of the Crime”, Lenice Lake. We met and with an elbow bump, social distancing, I returned his and her rods. They were so grateful especially his wife because the Winston was her favorite rod. A nice “fairytale” ending. PTL

PS: If you read the whole thread there is another Sage rod lurking in the depths of Lake Lenice and maybe more!


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Good to hear that they made it back to their owners....karma has been transferred..... now tell us about the fishing.....

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