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Any of you guys spent some time on omak for them Lahontan cutthroat? I see it catch she release now through end of May. I’m a catch and release guy but why do they open it up to keep fish in June? In spring would these fish be cruising the shore? Would like to make it over there in spring. Best to let it warm up some or now ok? One of those lakes where you Need a boat? I got a bigger 19 foot boat I could use.


No where to launch a 19ft that I know of. Better suited to car toppers, kayaks, or inflatables. Beach fishing can be hit or miss, got to be there on the right day. Unfortunately only small amount of access on the north and south end. There are a lot better lakes in the reservation that I've found produce much better. Do some driving around, support the fly shop at North 40, good guys, they might point you in the right direction.

Gary Thompson

dirty dog
I have fished Omak lake for many years in spring.
I will call it Beer can beach cause that what the locals call it, Tribe calls it something else, anyway, moving along.
It's all about water temp for the fish to curse the shore line.
I use mini leaches and chironomids under and indicator, prince nymph under a caddis dry has worked also.
Olive for the leach and snow cone for the chiro.
Some guys use a heavy leach dragged along the bottom, but that is to much casting for me.

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