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My wife's birthday is coming up and she really wants a handheld camcorder. I have been doing a lot of research, and believe I have narrowed down the options to two cameras. Looking for advice from anyone that might have experience in this space. The two I am looking at are:

Sony AX33 - 700$
Panasonic hc-wxf991k - 800$

From what I can tell, the video should be really comparable, with the main differences being the Panasonic zoom (20x vs. 10x on the Sony) and little side camera. The side camera doesn't do much for me so ignoring that.

Anyone have any thoughts here? Any other cameras that I should be looking at?

My wife's priorities are:
Has to have a viewfinder to look directly through (not just an LCD flip out screen)
Video Quality
Ability to attach external mic

She will be using it for vacations, fishing, and home movies mostly.

Thanks for any tips,


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