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The link below should direct you to sign the petition. Below is copied from Silverbow Fly Shops website:

Some Background

To refresh your memory: a variance is a time-limited exception to our state's water quality standard for toxins. It means that while the variance is in place, industrial and municipal dischargers are exempted from meeting the lawful state standard for pollution, and are instead held to whatever standard that they -- the dischargers, not the law -- have proposed is feasible.

Help put a stop to the following proposed variances:

1. Allow 5 regional dischargers a 20-year pass to dump as much as 140 times the legal limit for pollution into your river

2. Enable those dischargers to avoid federal pollution limits which protect your health and the health of our fish

3 Ignore the purpose of the Clean Water Act by letting polluters propose how many toxins they would like to dump into your river


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