Name that insect ?


Wild Trout
Taking photos today of my backyard Kestrel, I noticed this flying insect in the shot. If Fall, I'd hope for an October Caddis (color iffy), but is that one of those nasty Asian beatle-things?

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Hi Gyrfalcon2015-

Q: is that one of those nasty Asian beatle-things?

A: Don't think so, as it doesn't appear to have adult-beetle-like wings.


Wild Trout
Thanks @Taxon ! I will see if I can see another like that over the next few days. Been an insect explosion past two days on the inner coast here, as elsewhere I am sure.

The focus plane is very narrow on that lens, so for being in focus with the bird, it is close to approximate real size next to a jay-size bird of prey.

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