Garden Thread 2020


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First year in my first house. I can’t wait to get a garden in but I have some prep work to do before that can happen. First order of business is removing a few nasty old sheds from the prime sun lit spots.

Got a little surprise as I was cutting away the floor

Had to poke it with a stick to get it to move outta there. I can’t believe it stuck around during the demo job haha. Lucky it didn’t get hit with the sawzall blade!


Gary Knowels

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We moved in to our house last August. The raised beds were there, but left fallow. I've weeded, added nutrients, and turned it over. Arugula and chives popped up on their own.

Planning on adding a couple more beds and trying to grow a little bit of lots of veggies to see how things grow here: carrots, peas, beets, summer squash, romanesco, kholrabi, cabbage, fennel, tomatoes, and potatoes. Also have thyme, rosemary, oregano, and bay on the other side of the yard.

Planting blueberries and strawberries and eventually a self-pollinating Asian pear tree .



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I need to get a permission slip to leave the premises from my wife as we do this social distancing, shelter in place exercise. I need to go to Lowes to get some small wire fencing to keep the damn rabbits out and also some steer manure to enrich the raised beds.

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