Garden Thread 2020

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Well quarantine gave my wife and I the ultimate opportunity of undivided attention to finally build out our yard. We moved in about a year and half ago, and all it was was some grass/weeds, a rotton arbor, and some concrete and brick pads. We had a tiny bit of headstart pre quarentine in terms of I had the door in for the deck and the pizza oven/grill I built last spring. Other than that, everything has been done since ~the 1st week in March. A couple before images as well. Now its just a waiting game for everything to fill out.

Still a lot more to do: Build a timber frame arbor over the oven, a wood shed behind the garage, and a little tree-less, tree fort for my daughter. The first phase for planting was our base plants: shrubs and grasses. And then in the fall will start planting more perrenial bulbs and more flowering plants for next summer.

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Me too but my excuse is COVID and retirement...just need more money Ha!


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I grow my tomatoes in a cold frame, mini-greenhouse also. I have it up against the south side of my house. Just makes sense in western WA.


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I’m feeling it too
My peppers probably won’t make it
Our peppers are all in containers, and actually don't look bad, the don't look good of course, but not bad considering.

For us, the cukes are in last place, if it's rainy all week those poor suckers are going to hate me for planting them out.


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I am just feeding the local wildlife with my really poorly maintained garden this year. Working from home since March and with fishing shut down for a good chunk of it, I thought I’d have more time than ever to do it right this year. Instead busier than ever with work. Considering the circumstances, I guess I should be greatful for that.

Oh well, I love having the locals stop by on occasion anyway. Even if it costs me a good chunk of my crop. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.



Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Cukes in last place
Me too
It certainly is more pleasant here... however 6 Armenians expired ...immediate funeral in the Compost Cemetary...,a bean family moved immediately into there homes...Beans seem a healthy lot this season...
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Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I have violet podded stringless, Gold Marie yellow, Bessie Beans, Robe Mtn, Dragons tongue , Mosaic Dow Gauk yard long beans have been struggling though...not hot enough...will try again in a couple weeks

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