Another week and a few less dollars (secret lake)

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
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So, this past week has been interesting! (But Coronavirus free gravel parking lot/lake)

The lake is still as murky (as politics) as it was the first week which seems strange. I have a theory that maybe this is silt/dust because of the fire last fall. The lake is still lower than years past. But the is good water flowing in, so I don't understand why there visibility is still 1.5 to 2 feet at best.

We suffered a set back of at least a week in water temperature (42.41 this AM), it is back to the opener temp in my finder.

The swallows, sand hill cranes and plants are thinking it should be spring BUT then the last two days made me think NO... The last two morning have been in the high 20's. Winds has been sustained 20's so COLD!

The catching has still been SLOW, no really big hatches or catches! A few more Chironimids in throat samples with a few damsel nymph, but still a fair amount of daphnia.

The fish caught are starting to show some energy with exciting aerobatics and strong runs that remind me "the tug is the drug"!

I am reminded that this is a special place by the beauty and the sounds of spring. And no matter what else is happening outside the gravel lot or the lake, I am blessed! It is the fishing and friendships that keeping me coming back.

Tight lines and cheers!
(PS I pray that you and your families stay safe and healthy during this crisis)

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Scott Salzer

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I'll wave to you as I head north of you later this week. Gotta get away from all this Covid stuff.

Thanks for the report.

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