Sage ESN rods as trout spey


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I see there have been no replies. I've never cast an ESN, however, I do have an Orvis Recon, 10ft 3wt which I suspect is somewhat similar. I've had great success swinging soft hackles on the Rio single hand spey, and the single hand spey 3D. Also small streamers with the SA skagit light. I typically swing my way downstream and then nymph my way back up. I know it's not the same rod, but I hope the above was a bit of a help.


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Appreciate the info. I have one of those lines new never used, so I'll have to give it a try.

Thanks again!

Mark Koch

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I have a Echo Shadow X 10'6" 3wt. It throws streamers nicely with a 225gr OPST head and 10' 80gr tips.

The reel is setup with Lazar line as running line. I cut the 45' head off a dry fly line that I can use if I run into a hatch and leave that head on with long euro leader to tight line nymph.

Contact OPST for recommendations, they have been spot on for me.

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